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The popularity of natural infusions is on the rise like never before, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not only are they a lot tastier and healthier (100% natural ingredients) compared to sugary beverages, they also look absolutely wonderful.

But there’s more to natural infusions than just popping some fruit and herbs in water. If you want to offer a drink that not only looks good, but also has a great taste, you need a foundation. And the right way to prepare it.

complexity of flavours

made easy

The frozen drops method of preparing natural infusions is a guarantee for a perfect preparation. Just add the correct amount of drops in a glass, bottle or pitcher, and let it melt (5min). It just can’t go wrong.

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Once you got the foundation right, you can build further with confidence. Continue by adding fruits and herbs to create unique combinations, and make the presentation look even more appealing.

flavoured water base for foodservice hotel buffet wellness restaurants receptions

or have it


As they already taste great on their own, you can also enjoy our flavoured waters in its pure form. Add a few drops in a bottle and serve it to your guests in no time.



Zero added sugar.
Zero artificial ingredients.
Zero E-numbers.

100% natural ingredients

now available

We currently offer this selection of frozen drops for flavoured waters, juices or even cocktails or mocktails:

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Clean label

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Correct preparation

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